Many beginners who have never played paintball try to learn more about it before their first game. The information in this article will help you learn the theoretical foundations of the game. We hope that the information will be useful to you, and, going to the paintball club, you will feel more confident.

Paintball (English paintball [paintball] paint-paint, ball-ball) literally “a ball of paint”

The game of paintball is an extreme game consisting of short game periods during which players of two teams shoot at each other with special pneumatic weapons (paintball markers).

Shots at enemy players are made with paintballs with paint (gelatin shell with water-soluble paint inside).

With a successful shot and hitting the enemy, the shell of the ball splits, and traces of paint remain on the player. Depending on the type of game and the agreements between the players, according to the rules, if there is paint on the player’s clothes or head, such a player is recognized as hit and leaves the playing field. In sports paintball, a player is considered hit if there is a trace of paint after hitting any part of the body or paintball marker. In other types of paintball, players can play according to the rules, according to which, the player is hit if there is paint in the body or head of the player.


To play paintball, you must wear special protective equipment. It is used both to protect against the power of the fired balls, and to protect against paint.

Paintball mask

The most important piece of equipment is the paintball mask, which is worn over the head and protects the player’s face and neck.

According to the rules, the player is strictly forbidden to remove the mask on the field, as this is fraught with serious injuries from a stray shot.

The mask is made of durable plastic that can withstand up to 15 shots per second. There are regular masks and masks with double athermal glass, which does not fog up during the game from the player’s breath.

Professional paintball suit

Professional players use special paintball suits to protect against paint and impacts of balls falling on the player.

In paintball clubs, amateur players receive a light rental camouflage suit. It allows you to play both in hot weather and in the cold season and is worn over the client’s own clothes (including outerwear).

Clothing is of great importance, since how quickly and easily you move around the field depends on how vulnerable you will be to the enemy. We advise you to choose sportswear appropriate for the season and the weather.

You also need to pay attention that with an active game you have to run a lot, jump, which invariably leads to increased sweating. It is desirable that clothing has good regulation of air and moisture.

Paintball shoes are also important. It must match the weather conditions. If the game is played in a forest or on a dirt site, then first of all, it must be waterproof, not afraid of dirt. At the same time, it should be comfortable to run and jump. Players come to the paintball club with their shoes to play.

It’s a good idea to bring a spare set of clothes and shoes with you to change into after the game, as your clothes are likely to get wet during the game, just like after a good workout in the gym.

Also in the paintball club, players receive gloves, head scarves, bandanas, protective vests for women and children.


As noted above, special paintball equipment is used to play paintball.

The paintball marker is the main weapon in paintball.

Before the game, the technician fills the air cylinders of the markers with compressed air. Paintballs are loaded into the feeder, usually for one or more rounds. During the game, refueling with air and balloons is carried out.

Simplified, the marker works as follows: when you press the trigger, under the action of compressed air pressure, the ball is fired and it flies out of the barrel.

Paintballs consist of a shell based on edible gelatin and water-soluble paint. Even if the paint gets under the suit and stains the player’s clothes, it can be easily washed off. In addition, the paint consists of natural ingredients and does not harm the environment or human health.


As a rule, paintball is played on the equipped territory, most often it is a paintball club. On its sites along the perimeter it should be closed with nets up to 3-5 meters high. The sites themselves can be of various types: in the open air and under the roof of various objects (buildings, hangars).

The sites may have natural shelters (if it is a forest), and artificial shelters may also be installed. These are inflatable or wooden structures.


Sometimes alternative names are used: paintball, pinball, paintball. If we are talking about the game, then these are just synonyms and they are all basically correct. Previously, such spelling as “paintball” was most often used. However, the name “paintball” is now widely used as an established name for an interesting and exciting sport, recreation and just entertainment.


There are the following types of games

  • Sports paintball (sport paintball)
  • Tactical paintball (tactical paintball)

Sports paintball is a professional sport. Teams consist of 5 players. Sites must meet certain requirements. Inflatable structures are used as shelters. There are restrictions on the parameters of the markers (the length of the barrel, the speed of the ball, etc. are determined). Regional, national and international tournaments and championships are held.

Tactical paintball – there are no restrictions on the markers used, the number of players in teams. This type of game can be played on various types of terrain. The use of pyrotechnics, paintball grenades, smoke devices, and even paintball artillery and real armored vehicles is allowed. Tactical paintball has big games and big paintball maneuvers. Hundreds and even thousands of players can take part in them.