1. The water park can be visited by citizens who have purchased an entrance ticket for the appropriate time and have no contraindications to using water attractions. The purchase of a ticket indicates that the visitor has familiarized himself with the rules of behavior in the “Karpatia” water park and undertakes to comply with them.
2. These Rules define the procedure for visiting the “Karpatia” water park and the safety rules for using its services.
3. Visitors to the water park must familiarize themselves with these rules before using its services.
4. These Rules are mandatory for all visitors to the “Karpatia” water park.
5. Everyone has the right to choose to visit the water park, therefore the Administration does not accept claims about the large number of visitors on the territory of the water park and the inconveniences related to this.
6. Visitors with unstable health should use the pools and equipment with special care (or after consulting their doctor). Aquapark “Karpatiya” is not responsible for the negative consequences of the stay of these visitors on the territory of the facility.
7. Changes in weather conditions are force majeure circumstances, which cannot serve as a reason for the return and compensation of previously purchased tickets.
8. Children under 13 years of age, as well as those less than 130 cm tall, are allowed on the territory of the water park only when accompanied by adults. Entrance to the water park for children up to 130 cm tall is free. For children with a height of 130 cm or more – according to the children’s tariff. Accompanying children are responsible for all damage caused by them. And children from 14 years old at the adult rate.
9. In order to ensure public safety and prevent terrorist acts, visitors are required to present the contents of their personal belongings to the water park security service for inspection.
10. It is forbidden to carry into the water park:
– all types of weapons – firearms, gas, pneumatic and cold;
– sharp and sharp objects;
– means of self-defense;
– explosive and flammable substances.
11. It is forbidden to carry into the water park:
– alcoholic drinks;
– cocktails and beer of any kind.

A restaurant, cafe, bars, and beverage outlets are available to guests of the “Karpatia” water park.

12. Visitors who have not passed face control are not allowed to enter the water park. Also, the following visitors are not allowed in the water park:
– with external signs of skin diseases: infectious, fungal, warty and other;
– with open cuts, hard-to-heal wounds;
– with numerous intravenous traces from injections on the limbs;
– who do not observe personal hygiene;
– with breathing problems;
13. Visitors with bicycles, skates, roller skates, etc. may not be allowed to visit the water park.
14. Entry with animals to the territory of the water park is prohibited.
15. Damage to property, as well as taking it outside the territory of the water park, is not allowed.
16. The water park administration is not responsible for keeping personal belongings of visitors on the territory of the complex. Hidden cameras are available to guests.
17. Before visiting water attractions and swimming pools, take a shower. Showers with hot water are available in the water park.
18. Keep clean, use trash cans and toilets for personal needs. It is forbidden to defecate in swimming pools and on lawns.
19. Smoking on the territory of the water park is allowed only in specially designated places.
20. The visitor is obliged to strictly follow the rules of behavior and use of attractions.
21. Visiting the water park is at the sole risk of the ticket holder.
22. For violation of the rules of behavior and use of attractions, the administration has the right to deny violators a stay on the territory without refunding the cost of the ticket.
23. Professional photography and video recording may be carried out only with the permission of the Water Park Administration. The administration reserves the right to use any photo and video materials with the participation of visitors for commercial purposes without agreement with the visitors.
The new anti-epidemic restrictions are effective from 06.12.2021.
The relevant Resolution No. 1240 was published on the website of the Government of Ukraine.
– mandatory mask mode
– scanning the QR code of a vaccine certificate, PCR test or recovery (can be presented on paper)

Rules for using attractions

1. Visitors must strictly comply with the requirements for the use of water attractions displayed on the information stands.
2. Adult visitors are allowed to use all attractions without restrictions.
3. Children under 12 years of age, as well as those less than 140 cm tall, are not allowed to go down the slides located outside the children’s pool area. Children of this age category should be under adult supervision only.
4. Descent from slides of increased difficulty is allowed only to visitors who have reached the age of 14.
5. It is strictly forbidden to use the attractions of the “Karpatiya” water park while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
6. For safe use of water attractions, it is necessary to exclude:
– descent in outerwear, bathing suits with belts, rivets, buckles, metal fasteners;
– jewelry, piercing products, glasses;
– skating with food and drinks.
7. Before starting from the slide, it is important to follow all the instructions of the instructor-controller on landing on the inflatable boat and to maintain the appropriate position during the descent.
– go down the slide head first or lying on your stomach;
– go down the slide, sitting on your legs or knees;
– go down with your back forward;
– go down the hill without water;
– go down the slides without special swimming equipment;
– go down for several people in a one-seater watercraft (with the exception of 2nd and 3rd local boats). The number of descenders should be equal to the number of seats in the boat;
– touch the sides of the slide with your hands when going down;
– climb the hill from the finish line;
– sit on the railings and fence posts of the starting areas.
9. Swimming in reception pools (at the finish line of the slides) is prohibited. After diving into the reception pool, it is necessary to get out of it immediately, without crossing the directions of the exits of the neighboring slides.
10. It is forbidden to jump into pools and dive.
11. In order to ensure safety and exclude possible health deterioration, visitors are prohibited from using water slides:
– with cardiovascular diseases;
– with diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
– with any health disorders that may worsen when the emotional state increases;
pregnant women;
– who cannot swim.
12. In the presence of wounds, scratches and cuts, it is forbidden to enter the water. It is necessary to contact the medical center of the water park “Karpatiya”.